• Name of Event: Slice of PIE with Mrs. PIE welcomes Tykori Saunders
  • Description: In this awe-inspiring interview, we dive deep into the realms of design, storytelling, and entrepreneurship with none other than Tykori Saunders, CEO of Tykori Saunders Design. Join us as we unlock the secrets behind their creative genius, unravel the power of storytelling, and explore the entrepreneurial spirit that drives their success. This guest is a trailblazer, challenging conventions and revolutionizing the digital landscape with their visionary ideas. Connect with TSD: #entrepreneur #digitalmedia #ceo #paradedeck #starsandstripes #leadership
  • Date: 2023-08-15 / 2023-08-15
  • Time: 7:00pm EST - 7:45pm EST
  • Cost: Free
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