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Join us on August 14th to recognize our national heroes, the National Navajo Code Talkers. The actual event occurs at Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park & Veterans Memorial, but we will be live streaming on the Parade Deck. 

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We are looking for individuals, local organizations, and community groups to host a 2-hour event to honor our Navajo Code Talkers. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed National Navajo Code Talkers Day to recognize all the tribes for their contributions during the war. 


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Navajo Code Talkers Day, celebrated every year on August 14, is a day that holds great importance in the history of the U.S. This is because the day recognizes the contributions of Native American soldiers during World War II. Yes, Native American soldiers encoded and transmitted messages using a complex Navajo language-based code during a time when secret communication was essential to win a war.


And guess what? The code was never broken by Japanese forces in the Pacific and proved to be of great assistance to the U.S. Marines. On this day, celebrate the great American heroes and their service to the nation!