Your Transformation Station

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Are you looking for that next dopamine hit? Information overload is as addictive as crack, and may have you stuck on a loop dealing with the same problems in all realms of your life. 

Unrestrained authenticity is how your host, Gregory Fucking Favazza, tunnels down the rabbit hole, as he drags his guest along with him to an unexpected connection of clarity on the other side. How far down does this rabbit hole go? 

Then, brace yourself for Favazza's perspective which is based on military lessons, situational experience, and backed with education and research, most of which is uncensored, dark, and downright strange. It will have you growing while laughing in deep conversations with real people, challenging your boundaries in an ever-evolving learner population.

Each episode develops you in leader influence, strategic thinking, and cultural and situational understanding that can appear in any form or in multiple angles and reason with the biggest challenge, yourself.

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