Work Culture Works

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Aleha is a highly experienced professional with a passion for developing and improving workplace culture.  Aleha’s career journey began with the United States Air Force where she gained valuable experience in financial management and key leadership skills. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Aleha is known for her thirst for knowledge. While in the Air Force, she managed to complete 6 Associate’s degrees, 2 Bachelor’s degrees, and 3 Master’s degrees, all focusing on the concepts of leadership, management, and culture.  After retirement, she began pursuing her Doctorate in Leadership & Education in Healthcare where she is further honing her skills for continuous improvement.


Throughout her 21-year career, Aleha has demonstrated a keen ability to identify areas for improvement in workplace culture and implement effective strategies to bring about positive change. She is highly skilled in identifying major pain points that include failing processes and toxic managers and has a proven track record of success in creating positive, productive work environments.


As a natural leader and mentor, Aleha is always willing to share her extensive knowledge and expertise so that others may achieve their goals.  She is a dynamic and highly skilled professional with a passion for improving workplace culture. She brings a wealth of experience to any team and is an extremely valuable asset to any organization seeking to create a positive, productive work environment.