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Sybil Jones, a native of East Tennessee, is a remarkable individual with a diverse and inspiring background. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a B.B.A in Logistics and Marketing. She later became a dedicated US Naval officer spouse. Sybil is not only a devoted mother but a mother to three beautiful teenage daughters, embodying the values of family and commitment.


Her life took an unexpected turn when she faced a challenging medical emergency—a severe ischemic stroke. However, Sybil Jones, a true warrior, turned adversity into a mission. She has become a passionate advocate for raising awareness about a rare cause of stroke known as Carotid webbing. Through her own experience and resilience, she strives to educate others about this condition and the importance of early detection and treatment.


Sybil is not just a survivor but also an entrepreneur with a profound commitment to empowering others. She is the owner of MilSpouse Conversations™, a platform dedicated to supporting and connecting military spouses, offering a space for them to share their experiences and insights. Additionally, she owns Mamas and Coffee®, a community that focuses on empowering mothers and providing a platform for them to share their stories and wisdom.


Sybil Jones exemplifies the strength, determination, and resilience needed to overcome life's challenges and transform them into opportunities for empowerment and advocacy. Her journey from a stroke survivor to a dedicated entrepreneur and advocate serves as an inspiration to many, showing the power of turning adversity into a force for positive change.

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