Red, White & Badass Brew

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Navy veteran Dustin Hayes does not like to be idle. This is fitting given his latest venture as the CEO of Red, White, and Badass Brew, a coffee company that offers badass flavors like Whiskey Business and Vanilla Warfare


Going from construction and outdoor labor to a veteran branded e-commerce store was quite the leap. Red, White, and Badass Brew (RWBB) is just over a year old, and the one thing Dustin has learned is that there is always more to learn. Construction work is all about the job and getting the job done in the most efficient manner. RWBB is about selling essentially himself — a veteran who works hard and desires to support other “badasses” with his superb flavored coffees. Badasses aren’t just tough military guys; it’s for everyone who wakes up and makes a cup of coffee to get them through their day like the superhero they are. 


In addition, all sales of their coffee and merchandise have a donation that goes to helping fight PTSD and suicide in the veteran community. His business’ mission to give back and continue to support fellow veterans has helped me to solidify my niche and have confidence in the brands I am selling.


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