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Joe is a U.S. Marine, Actor, Producer and CEO of Jungle Boot Pictures LLC based in Chicago Illinois. Also a member of SAG since 1994.

After graduating top of his class at The School of Infantry, Joe was assigned to Marine Barracks Washington D.C. for White House Duty as Presidential Honor Guard. Duties included prestigious ceremonial assignments at The White House, The Pentagon and the Iwo Jima Memorial as well as as well as vigorous combat training throughout the country.

He was Honorably Discharged in 1992, move back to Chicago to pursue a career as a Federal Law-Enforcement Officer. That quickly changed after meeting his first acting coach, Kurt Naebig from Chicago. After several Theater productions followed by TV and film bookings, this became the new career path.

Since then, Joe has studied everything from improvise and scene study to performance art and acting in film and television. He quickly began to land small roles on TV shows like The Untouchables, Americas Most Wanted and Just Shoot Me. Joe was discovered by director Gregory Hoblit while filming Primal Fear and was upgraded to a principal speaking role with veteran actors Richard Gere and Steven Bauer. Shortly after, Joe landed small roles in Home Alone 3, Hoodlums, Original Gangstas, The Dark Knight, Witless Protection followed by leading roles in Drifted, For Hannah, Never Stop Talking and The Dream Ledger.

Currently, Joe has several feature films in development under Jungle Boot Pictures including, The Dream Ledger, The Treacherous Border and Sanctioned with is currently under development.

Joe is also an aspiring director. His first feature documentary, The Meat Tricks, premiered in two West Coast film festivals, winning First Place Finalist for Best Documentary at the Westwood International Film Festival in Los Angeles. Joe also has directed several short film projects, including Wish, American Haunts, Utopia, Charity. and his latest Tune In-Get Out: The Tubby Watts Story.

Joe has several feature films in development: Sanctioned, The Treacherous Border and "Kill Box" - A film based on combat life experiences on the front lines in the Middle East.

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