Corinne Devin, US Navy

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Dr. Corinne Devin is a triple crown-holding beauty queen and a U.S. Naval officer.

She is a Navy Commander, board-certified orthodontist, and public speaker with a passion for volunteering.


Dr. Corinne Devin is an accomplished triple-crown beauty queen and a dedicated U.S. Naval officer. As a Navy Commander, orthodontist, and inspirational public speaker, she is committed to making a positive impact through her passion for volunteering. She is currently stationed at Naval Medical Center San Diego, California.

Her remarkable journey began during her residency, where she not only excelled in her orthodontic career but also clinched the prestigious title of Ms. Texas. Following her graduation, she continued to ascend the pageantry ranks, securing the titles of Ms. United States in 2012, Ms. Galaxy in 2014, Ms. Earth in 2018, and International Ms. in 2020. These crowns served as a powerful platform for her to engage with local communities and share her empowering message.

Dr. Devin's commitment to the community extends beyond her impressive titles. She has touched the lives of countless young girls by speaking at events, including elementary schools, where she mentored and inspired them to believe in their limitless potential. She proves that one can pursue a path from beauty queen to Navy officer to orthodontist, demonstrating that dreams know no bounds.

Her dedication doesn't stop at inspiring the next generation. Dr. Devin also served as the keynote speaker at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Conference for the Department of Defense in Japan and Italy, addressing over 1,000 middle school girls. Her passion for fostering well-rounded individuals and inspiring youth to embrace diverse interests has been a driving force in her life.

Dr. Devin's impact reaches far and wide, and she continues to share her wisdom and experiences. Her Amazon Best Seller, "Commander to Crown," and her captivating TEDx Talk are testaments to her commitment to connecting with thought-provoking leaders and professionals, always seeking opportunities for collaboration. In a world where multifaceted individuals are the future, Dr. Corinne Devin stands as a shining example of what one can achieve through determination, passion, and unwavering dedication.



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