Gospel Music with Ines Pascale

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ines, and my channel is about Gospel music. Do you like singing for the glory of God? you are very welcome to join me. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel and you won't miss any of my publications. Let's sing together for the glory of God. I mostly sing all the popular Christian hymnal songs you can think of. you don't understand the language? listen carefully you may know the Tune it's easy to follow and nice the hear a popular gospel song that you know in a different language. To God be the glory!


Salut les ami(e)s! c'est Ines, soyez tous les bienvenues a ma chaine. Ensemble chantons pour la gloire de l'Eternel notre Dieu des cantiques de reconnaissances et d'actions de grace pour sa gloire et sa gloire seule. La langue d'execution de nos cantiques vous est inconnue? Pas de soucis suivez juste la melodie et tout ira bien. Merci de vous abonner nombreux a ma chaine soyez benis en Jesus Christ Amen Shalom .


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